2 down, 2 more to go

Two exams got over today – Global Economics and Competitive Strategy. The competitive strategy paper, apart from what it was meant for, was also a test of whether we could keep writing so much stuff continuously for two hours. Its been ages since I have written so much by hand at a stretch. It was an open book, open notes exam which meant that we could take books, notes etc into the exam hall with us. Everyone had a pile accumulated on his desk and it was real fun sorting through it trying to find the right stuff. In the middle of the exam, my question paper got mixed up with my class notes and handouts and I had to search for a considerable amount of time before I could manage to locate it !!!

Next term promises to be even more stressful. Need a breather badly. Eagerly waiting for 4:30PM tomorrow when I will be done with the remaining two exams too. Looking forward to the Chennai trip. Will be not be having regular access to internet this week … so won’t be able to post frequently.

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