3 more days

3 more days including today for the exams to get over.

There is someone who has a comparative advantage in producing cheese and someone else who has more comparative advantage in making wine … but what the hell is the point I am trying to drive home by proving all this … that trade is beneficial …. huh …. and know what .. this is just slide 1 of chapter 1 and there are so many other complex things to be studied, understood and cashed into marks tomorrow. But all said, I have started developing a true liking for macroeconomics … so much so that it is eating into the time I am supposed to devote for other subjects too … it shouldn’t happen that I lose marks heavily in both economics as well as other subjects as a result.

Just wanted to narrate a humorous incident … Prof Jagmohan Raju in his cold calls came up with a question that was not directly related to what we had learnt so far and the guy who was supposed to answer it was told to try his best. Even if he couldn’t answer, the whole class could collectively think and try to arrive at one. Know what is the guy’s response? ……. “Am I allowed to use a lifeline?” …. and know what he asks next ? ….. “Can I phone a friend?” … and know whom he chooses for a friend? … “Prof. Scott Ward”. The whole class burst out laughing.

(Prof. Scott Ward taught us marketing in Term 1)

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