Rains in chennai !!!!

Can’t believe it? I can’t either … but it seems that rains follow me wherever I go and Chennai has been no exception. It rained heavily in Delhi somedays before I left for ISB. It rained heavily in Hyderabad when I came there to ISB… and now when I come to thirsty Chennai, it rains like crazy here too. People here are so happy … it hasn’t rained like this in ages and who doesn’t know the water shortage faced by Chennai and other places in TN. I heard that the condition is somewhat improving in Chennai these days.

Leaving for ISB tomorrow …… signing off … in a hurry right now. Apologies to those to whom I have not been able to reply back in the isb-pgp yahoogroup over the past 1-2 days. Life has been really hectic here in the break too. Will continue the posts on reaching ISB.

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