One of the most satisfying days

Today was one of the most satisfying days after coming here …. got a chance to attend a Carnatic Classical Vocal concert of the famous singer P.Unnikrishnan @ Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad. Its been a long time since I played in or attended any concert and it felt really nice taking some time out of the busy ISB schedule to get involved in what I love the most – “music“.

Here is a partial song list for any carnatic music buffs reading this post:
1) eranApai (varnam) – thOdI – patnam subramania iyer – Adi
2) deva deva – mAyamAlavagowla – swAti tirunAl – rUpakam
3) AndavanE – shanmukhapriyA – pApanAsam sivan – rUpakam
4) entaninnE – mukhAri – thyAgarAja – rUpakam
5) akshaya linga – shankarAbharanam – m. dikshitar – misra chApu

Unni sang the raga alapana of shankarabharanam really well. The rest of the songs have been sung by Unni many times in previous concerts, so nothing much exciting about them. I had to leave at this point to be back in time for a dinner hosted by the family of Cyclo (one of my study group members). I reached late after hearing the music and had to face the music at the dinner … sorry … that was a real bad one.

There is a case study to be read and prepared for discussion, another case study to be submitted and an article to be read for tomorrow. Too much work to be done in too little time. Lets see what I finally manage to do.

Tomorrow there is a concert at the same venue @ 6PM by one of my favorite singers – Sanjay Subrahmanyam. Planning to go for the same.

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