Sanjay rules !

Just came back after attending an awesome 2.5 hrs carnatic classical vocal concert by famous singer Sanjay Subrahmanyam. Decided to skip dinner@ISB and stay till the concert ended. Am really happy that I went to the concerts yesterday and today …. was a really good experience …. also reminded me that I need to keep my music practice going however much short time might be.

For carnatic music fans, here is the song list of Sanjay’s concert:
1) valachi (varnam) – navarAgamAlika – kothavAsal venkatrAma iyer – Adi
2) sidhi vinAyakam – shanmukhapriyA – m.dIkshitar – rUpakam
3) abhimAna – bEgadA – patnam subramaniya iyer – Adi
4) karIkalAbha – sAverI – m.dIkshitar – rUpakam
5) ayyappan avadharitha – karaharapriyA – ?- Adi
6) nannUpA limpa – mOhanam – thyAgarAja – Adi
7) RTP – chArukEsi – misra chApU
8) nAthahare – sindhubhairavi – jayadeva – Adi
9) kAnavendAmo – sriranjani – pApanAsam sivan – rUpakam
10) thiruppugazh
11) pavamAna – sowrAshtram – thyAgarAja – Adi

2 thoughts on “Sanjay rules !

  1. Boy.. you are deep into carnatic.. Great. Why dont you write one post on basics of how to appreciate carnatic music for idiots like me.

  2. Hi Amit,

    You are more of a genius and certainly not an idiot.

    I will try to post details of Indian Classical Music (Hindustani/Carnatic) based on whatever little I know about it in one of the future posts.

    Cheers !!!

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