Spare my handout

Class no. 1 of Corporate Finance taught by Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry (hereafter refered to as PBC):

Scene 1: TA enters the class, keeps a bunch of handouts on the table. Students walking in take a handout each and go to their respective seats.

Scene 2: PBC enters with his own copy of handouts, keeps it on the table next to the pile of handouts of which very little is left now …. starts addressing the class. A students walks in, takes PBC’s handout and comes to his seat.

Scene 3: PBC turns back, finds his handout missing and launches a search for the same. Mission successful …. handout found ….. returned back to PBC.

Repeat Scenes 2 & 3 some 2-3 times.

Class no. 2: Same story gets repeated. Only difference … the mission isn’t successful …. PBC says that he has written something in pencil on the last page and no one in the class is able to find the handout that has PBC’s writing !!

Class no. 3: Hasn’t happened yet …. but I can bet the same old story is going to get repeated.


Campus talk: PBC asked us to attend finance classes in the core terms in case we fear finance and certainly take finance as a major (????). Students who sort of fear finance go to PBC’s class and their fears turn into nightmares. That’s all right … kind of expected … isn’t it ….. but what about the students who love finance and want to major in it? Well, they also attend PBC’s class and their love for finance is on test. Result: Fear has crept in some. What next? Attend one more class of PBC’s and decide to stay with IT.

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