PBC News

Am I obsessed with PBC or what ?

Today was the first time in three classes taken by PBC that I followed every single word that he spoke (at least think so) and am really happy about it. He seemed to be in awesome form today. Even cracked some jokes in class ….. so here goes some PBC humor:

Scene n: Everyone settles in after the 5 minutes break (usually given halfway through a class). G lifts up his hand to ask a doubt in a set of equations that PBC had written on the board before the break and says something like this: “Prof, I had a doubt in what you had written there” and points to the board. PBC had wiped the board clean in the break and so turns around, looks at the board and says: “Its all very clear … you shouldn’t have any doubt”

Scene n+1: We all have name cards in class in front of our desks and some prankster has interchanged those of NE and NI. So PBC takes a look at NE and the card on NE‘s desk and says: “I don’t think you are NI” and then looks at NI and says: “Do you want me to think that it is NE who sleeps in class all the time?” 🙂 🙂 The entire class bursts out laughing.

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