Weekends @ ISB

All weekends@ ISB are almost of the same kind. Be it rains, sunshine, exams, no exams, term breaks, no term breaks, assignments will always be there. Number of assignments will be 3 with a standard deviation of 3 with 100% confidence ….. the only thing is that it very rarely might fall bellow three. Ooops … what is happening to me …. when did I start talking like this?

This weekend is no exception. The closer we are to the exams, which I am reminded are coming up next week, the more is the burden of assignments felt (as we are doing just now). There are some who start doing the assignments (to be submitted on Monday morning 8:30AM) on Thursday or Friday itself and there are many who start it only on Saturday or Sunday. It then becomes a race against time but then we have somehow always performed better when democles sword is hanging above our heads.

Whatever I am writing is somehow not making sense to me …. have already done overtime .. I mean its almost midnight and I sleep very early usually …. signing off to bury myself in my warm, cozy bed …. see you tomorrow ….

zzzzzz ….

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