Term 4

Term 4 begins on Monday. The courses this term and the professors teaching them are as follows:

1) Investment AnalysisProf. A Subrahmanyam (UCLA)

2) Management of Organisations – Prof. S.Ramnarayan (ISB + Director {Change Management}, Center for Good Governance) / Prof. Tina Dacin (Queen’s School of Business)

3) Strategic Analysis of Information TechnologyProf. Rajiv Banker (Fox School of Business, Temple University)

4) Government, Society & BusinessProf. Mudit Kapoor (ISB) & Prof. A K Shivakumar (Independent)

Click on the appropriate links to view faculty details.

One thought on “Term 4

  1. Seb Joins Socialtext
    I’m completely stoked to share the news that longtime M2M contributor Seb Paquet has joined Socialtext.
    This blog thing is amazing! I saw yours and it’s terrific! You can take a peek around my site. It kind of covers things from Alienware Area 51M 5500 to several notebook computer topics.

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