There goes another term break

Before I knew, this term break is also getting to be over. Most of the time was spent in the business presentation (BP) workshop, LDP assignment and ELP classes. Went to the city on Friday and watched the hindi movie “No Entry“. It was what you would call “a total timepass” with some good comedy at the end. Watched another movie “Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya” yesterday. After doing the LDP classes where there was a lot of analysis of movies, it was very difficult trying to be the pre-ISB guy watching a bollywood movie and really hard to try not to think what leadership qualitities the hero or the heroine has, what would the lyricist have thought before penning down this song etc…

What happens in ISB during the term breaks? Some common things that do tend to happen everytime are:

  • There is a mail almost everyday saying that “the barber” is here on campus and those who need to get the job done are to contact him at some number. We have a visiting barber model, not a resident one (sorry …. that was a bad one)
  • The entire DVD collection is out on issue with even the most boring of movies not available there on the shelves.
  • At least one movie is screened for whatever little crowd is left on campus.
  • At least one party does happen.
  • Course packs for the next term are issued to remind you that its not over yet and that you have some more terms to slog
  • No classes at 8:30AM (but the BP workshops played spoilsport this time)
  • The ISB shuttle service that ferries students/staff/spouses etc to the city is suddenly running housefull
  • ISBians grace places like Hyderabad Central (mall) & Prasads (IMAX theatre) with their benign presence.
  • LRC (Learning Resource Center – library) is devoid of the usual dwellers and suddenly seems to have grown very silent.

News spreads like forest fire on campus, be it of significance to all or not. The other day I heard at the breakfast table that one of the guys from our section whose is from the US was planning to visit his family there in the next term break. I met him outside the dining hall and he was shocked to know that while he was still toying with the idea, the entire campus already knew about it.

Seating arrangement for Term 4 has been released and I am sitting in the last row. Last term I was in the first row, though in one corner of the class. Had to stay wide awake and thus learnt a lot from the lectures.

HSBC scholarship applications were invited last term and a few students have been shortlisted. Many of them have accounting or finance background pre-ISB. Citigroup scholarship application deadline is over and results from the first shortlisting exercise will come out soon. There are a lot of scholarships available exclusively for the female students too.

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