ISB @ WMBA tour in the US

ISB is participating at the following locations in the WMBA Tour in the US:

   Date         Time         Venue
11 September 1300-1700 Los Angeles Wilshire Grand
13 September 1800-2100 S Frisco Hyatt
15 September 1800-2100 Seattle Bell Harbor Intl Center
17 September 1400-1800 NY Hilton
25 September 1400-1800 Toronto Metro Toronto Convention Center
01 October   1300-1700 Houston Hilton

Mr. V.K.Menon, Director, Admissions will be there at these venues.

Moving on to other news from the campus … we had the first lectures of the remaining two subjects of Term 4 today. Overall, I felt impressed only by Prof. A. Subrahmanyam (Subra) who is teaching us Investment Analysis and Prof Mudit Kapoor who is teaching us Government, Society and Business.

Prof Subra, as he is called, is really energetic, cute, speaks at the speed of light and looks to be thoroughly knowledgeable. Even though he spoke so fast, I could understand every bit of whatever he said. This may be because he essentially just did a recap of whatever we had learnt last term. The funny part was whenever someone would ask him a doubt. He would suddenly resort to Hindi and say “Dekhiye Aisa Hai ….” and then continue for some time even telling numbers used in illustrations in Hindi. The speed at which he went about his task and his non-stop speech reminded me of the Maruti ad which came a few years ago where the cute little surdie boy responds to his father’s statement “oye .. bas kar chote (stop it kid)” by saying “ki karaan papa, petrol khatam hi nahi honda (what shall I do dad, the car doesn’t run out of petrol at all)

In the Management of Organizations class which I felt was one of the most boring classes we have had till date here, a case discussion was going on and a student suddenly asked a question. Prof S. Ramnarayan responded “Which case are you refering to?” which had the entire class burst out laughing 🙂 He then quickly modified his words to “Which particular instance are you refering to?”. The case was about a guy having trouble managing things at his workplace. Suggestions from students on what the guy should do to manage things better included going to a pub with the people he had differences with and settling it out there, having a shark among the fish (which was some really insightful comment by “P” as always … I think he meant having someone to make people work hard and fire people if they were not performing) etc..

There is a special Marathi dinner tomorrow on the occasion of “Ganesh Chaturthi”. It will be a welcome change as dinner these days has just gone from bad to worse. Some students were planning to celebrate the festival here. Am not aware of the latest on that and on whether “Ganeshji” will be dunked on campus. If not that Ganeshji, we will surely try our best to dunk a student by the same name.

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