First Class of Term 4

We had the first class of Term 4 today – “Government Society and Business” by Prof. Mudit Kapoor. The topic of discussion was institutions and institution building. Found Prof Kapoor to be a very friendly and gentle person. He plays cricket with the students regularly and was the star performer in the last match we students had against the staff & facutly. Good news from the class is that we will have a take-home mid term exam and the question has been already given to us in class today.

The schedule this term is very hectic …. so what … tell me some new thing dude. Well the new thing is that end term exams now happen in the fifth week itself (usually they happen in the 6th week) so that people doing ELPs (projects) get time to go & meet their client(s). Its gala time for people who haven’t taken ELPs. They get to meet their near and dear ones and stay for a longer time than the 3-4 days they get usually in the term breaks. Unfortunately I am in the former category, so no term break again for me.

Thoughts of going home do come during the term breaks. But, I have really become used to this place now and it has sort of become like a home for me. I generally do get attached to places. I did get attached to my office a lot and wouldn’t have probably left it had the MBA bug not bitten me. Same goes for this place …. no .. no … I don’t mean I intend to repeat the program next year too.

In the classroom, the view from last row is very good … I can see the entire class and see who is doing what. But it is not very conducive to learning. Its tough to keep oneself awake especially when so many classes happen on a single day. Also, sleep is like a contagious disease. It spreads quickly from person to person. So if one guy sleeps, his neighbour also starts sleeping and the chain grows. There is a long queue in front of the coffee machine everytime we get a break.

Would end this post with 2 laws (of economics?) that Prof Mudit Kapoor shared with us:
1) To every economist, there is an equal and opposite economist
2) Both of them (the economists) are wrong.

Happy Teachers Day !!!

4 thoughts on “First Class of Term 4

  1. GSB is a great topic in itself. Last year, Strab Talbott taught us and it was one of the best classes we attended.

    Mudit’s quotes on economists are hilarious.


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