Pottery workshop

The Arts & Creativity Club organized a four day pottery workshop where students/spouses/staff/children could work on the potters wheel, guided by an expert, and see their imagination take shape. The workshop ended today. Each individual’s creations will be air dried, fired and returned back so that they can then be painted and kept as memoirs.

We have new profs for the last 5 classes of MO and GSB. Prof Tina Dacin is very lively and scores much above the earlier prof in teaching MO. She is able to involve students even when taking very dull topics and is very sharp too. She even noticed the sheet of paper that was being circulated around by students asking for comments on the first female prof of the core terms. The new prof for GSB is good but somehow I liked the earlier one, Prof. Mudit Kapoor a lot more. The new prof Dr. A.K. Shiva Kumar has prescribed so many articles for reading that we would reach our retirement age by the time we come to the end of it all. For both GSB and SAIT, students have to do presentations daily while the profs get to watch and have all the fun. The latest gossip making rounds is that its the profs who are doing the free riding this term.

We have the MO mid term this Friday. Except for IA, all other subjects are faffy. The best story writer is going to get the maximum marks provided keywords in his/her story match those in the copy given to the TAs who will correct the paper.

Prof Subra continues to rock with his multilingual comments. More on him in the posts to come.

Bringing this post to an end with a few snaps from the pottery workshop. This is not me but CFO standing with his creations. His shirt reads “Overeducated .. Underemployed“….. which essentially means that we need to give him more work w.r.t to our assignments 🙂 ….. just kidding …. this dude is so quick with everything that he finishes things off even before the bulb starts glowing in my top storey.

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