Faffing one’s heart out

An opportunity to do that was provided by the MO mid term paper today. There were 15 subjective questions to be answered in 75 minutes. There were questions like “decision making …. xyz … abc .. blah .. blah .. blah …. do you agree or not?” I felt like writing “I agree, but not completely”. Then there was a question which went something like “why decision makers in organizations might be allowed to make mistakes while people undergoing management education …… or undergoing training to become managers are penalized for mistakes” and I felt like writing “because there are no TAs (teaching assistants) in organizations but there are TAs in educational institutions like ISB”. Its really sad the way the first half of the course was taught to us. The only respite is that Prof. Tina Dacin who is teaching the second half of the course is doing an excellent job. Its amazing to note how the course suddenly doesn’t seem all that boring now.

This is bound to be another busy weekend with so many assignments and so many talks and events happening. Mr John Clarkeson, Chairman, The Boston Consulting Group, Worldwide along with BCG India delegation would be visiting ISB today and will be addressing us in the evening. There is an inter-section talent hunt being organized by the music club on Sunday. There is a competition being organized by the Marketing Club on Sunday.

Nothing much to add for the time being …. better get some sleep before the 2:30PM SAIT lecture. I am still searching for some takeaways from the SAIT course.

4 thoughts on “Faffing one’s heart out

  1. Hey goldmedalist, I see a change in your blog’s layout. How do you do this in blogger?

    btw, did you attend that BCG chairman’s talk? What did he talk about?

  2. Amit Bond,

    Change in layout can be done by going to the “Template” tab and choosing “Pick new” under it.

    Couldn’t attend BCG chairman’s talk but heard that he was in awe after seeing the infrastructure and facilities available at ISB.


  3. Arun,

    There are so many things that are considered. GMAT score, your work-ex, how you have written your essays, how well do you do in your interview etc.. etc..

    In case you want to apply or want more details, you can join the yahoo group isb-pgp@yahoogroups.com . There is a lot of data archived there in the form of old messages. Current students and alums also respond to applicants’ queries.

    Please ignore my post above if you already knew about the yahoo group.


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