Worst weekend of Term 4

This is probably the worst weekend of Term 4. There is so much work to be done and so many assignments to be completed. Yet a few of us didn’t feel like doing anything related to acads yesterday and went to Prasads, the movie theatre in the city. Reached there only to find out that all shows were running housefull and there was no chance of getting tickets for “Salaam Namaste”. We decided to wait there. The move paid off and we managed to get a few tele-booking tickets of the hindi movie “Chocolate” that had not been claimed till then. Movie was total timepass and in my opinion, probably not worth wasting one’s bucks on.

BCG chairman was on campus. I couldn’t attend his session but heard that he was in awe after seeing the facilities at ISB and said that he had not seen such an infrastructure in any other academic institution in the world he had been to.

Dr. C. Rangarajan, former governor of Reserve Bank of India is taking a course on “Macroeconomics and Policy Instruments”. Classes usually happen during the weekends. Who better to learn the subject from than the person who has been there, done it all. Unfortunately I am not taking the course because of so many other things in which I am tied up. Heard my batchmates saying that every single line of what he spoke in the class today was worth noting down and worth reflecting upon later.

Section B had an awesome party on Friday. People were supposed to wear ethnic dresses. More details on Raghini and Ramki’s blogs. They even had a “hukkah” making the rounds (in case you are not familiar with a hukkah, please google it out). Kudos to Section B class rep “D”. We call him dada. He is one hell of an enthusiastic guy and keeps himself involved in almost all sports and extra-curricular activities that happen on campus. Dada – you are just too good.

3 thoughts on “Worst weekend of Term 4

  1. Thank you Brother! But it was all possible for my section mates! They’re the best I could ever get anywhere….and I’m sad, we’re dissolving as a section.

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