Farewell to Profs – Term 4

We had a farewell party for all the profs who taught us this term today. Here are a few snaps from the same ……

Prof. Mudit Kapoor (Taught GSB for the first time in ISB and was probably one of the best profs of this term along with Prof. Tina Dacin. A very humble and friendly person)

Prof. Tina Dacin (probably the best prof we got this term; taught us the Management of Organizations “MO” course. Very humorous).

The two MO profs – Prof. S. Ramnarayan & Prof. Tina Dacin

He is our man – probably the most loved prof this term. His Hindi is awesome. Yes !!! You guessed right. He is Prof. A. Subrahmanyam popularly known as Prof. Subra.

Last but not the least, here is one of the cakes that was cut. This is also the one I had a bite from.

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