Subra Times – 3rd Edition

We had the last class of Investment Analysis (IA) taken by Prof. Subra (PS) today. When asked about the exam, this is what he had to say:
“There will be 10 problems. Extensive partial credit will be given. So be sure to show your workings. In case you do not have workings to show, write lyrics of some good song. As long as the lyrics are accurate, you will be given good marks” 🙂

Here is what he had to say to some students on hearing that they couldn’t manage to get subjects of their choice after the first round of bidding: “Arey yaar …. 15 lakh diya tumne aur tumhare choice ka subject bhi nahi mila?” (You couldn’t get subjects of your choice even after giving 15 lacs?).

*********************** End of 3rd edition ********************

Some sections have classes starting at 8:30AM and many people are unable to have breakfast before that. So Sarovar, the people who look after the dining/catering facilities, upon request from the student community, decided to keep breakfast open till 11AM on weekdays. During the MO session on “tie” and innovation about which I had written sometime back, Prof Tina Dacin gave the section with whom she had the 8:30AM class 30 minutes time to assemble in their study groups and discuss and come up with innovative ideas about what better to make of a tie. After about 10 minutes, she goes straight downstairs near the dining hall and sees many students happily munching their breakfast !!!

They say that the first word a child speaks is “mother”. What do you think would be the first word your child will speak if it grows up at ISB? Here is a datapoint …. the first word S’s child spoke was “Hi”!!! She keeps saying that rather cutely. She has also learnt to speak “Bye”. and is yet to pick up words like “mom”, “dad” etc..

The day ahead looks tightly packed. Head of Global Human Resources (HR), Novartis International and other Novartis people are coming to ISB today and will be addressing the students at 1:15PM. There is a music competition late in the evening between the sections and final rehearsal sessions are scheduled before that. Term-end exams are there next week and I am yet to give some thought to what to do about that.

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