Last day in Section D

Prof. A.K.Shiva Kumar taking last lecture of GSB (last class as Section D)


We had our last class as a part of Section D (GSB lecture) yesterday. Sections will be disbanded once elective terms start as people will be pursuing different electives. Thoroughly enjoyed my time in D. Since I usually do not speak in class or ask questions even in subjects that carry marks for class participation, people had placed bets that I would at least open my mouth in the last class. Remaining true to my reputation, I maintained my silence.

We have the term end exams tomorrow and day after. Preparation for the exams this time is the worst among all four core terms. 3 out of 4 subjects require extensive faffing, which I am really bad at. One good subject this term is Investment Analysis. Feel very sad that I have not been able to devote time to it and am trying to do whatever little is possible just before the exams.

5 thoughts on “Last day in Section D

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