Exams of a different kind

Term 4 has probably been the worst in terms of value addition. The last exam of this term (tomorrow) – the GSB paper sums it all up. We have to memorize data and vomit it all out. Anything that the prof has told in the class can be asked. Ex. population of ABC country, how many people are under the poverty line etc. Its strange that such sensible and knowledgeable profs end up setting exams like this and expect us to answer such questions. Gave the MO and SAIT exams today. IA and GSB to be given tomorrow. There is a lot to study.

People who do not have ELPs (projects) can go home for a full week. People like me who have ELPs have to stay back and do the ELP related work.

GSB beckons me ……

One thought on “Exams of a different kind

  1. ISB is the next to be exposed. Its hugely under debt and the sponsors are sick of bailing it again and again. Their placement stats are a huge fraud as they use averages calculated on multiple offers for the same student. The ROI for students is hugely negative as most students get lousy jobs. Only morons will give up IIM admissions for ISB – in any case the morons deserve ISB! The IIMs are full of students who had ISB offers that they spurned to join IIM. The so called world class faculty at ISB are usually the lousy faculty from B grade US Schools who are looking for a paid holiday in India.

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