Half-way through

I am half-way through this management programme !!! 4th term officially ended today when the GSB exam got over. PBC (yes … you guessed right … Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhary) would say our MBA is over and its time to apply what we learnt in the core terms to the elective terms.

Need to mention a word or two about the exams we had today. The day started with the Investment Analysis paper … the one Prof. Subra (PS) taught us. Most people had a blank look on their faces not knowing what had struck them. Many people were contemplating whether to go ahead with their decision of taking finance electives or not. The GSB paper in the afternoon was worser than that … the first ten questions just asking statistics about things like infant mortality rate, this rate, that rate in ABC country etc.. Don’t know what people were expected to learn from all this stuff. There were a few sensible questions after that but most of the paper was greek and latin to me. It would have been much easier to keep the question paper full of multiple choice questions aside and start marking answers without looking at the questions. Anyway, got done with the 1 hour paper in 10 minutes flat without a clue as to whether most of the answers marked were right or wrong.

Fifth term starts in a week’s time. I am doing 5 subjects this time instead of the usual 4 every term. That combined with the ELP (project) should keep me busy throughout.

Before I sign off for the day, here is what a batchmate of mine had to say yesterday about the exams …. this is in Hindi:

“Samundar bhar syllabus hai.
Nadi bhar yaad hota hai.
Balti bhar likhte hain.
Chullu bhar marks aate hain.
Aur usee mein doob marte hain.”

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