Back from Mumbai

Came back from Mumbai yesterday. Spent 3 full days there mostly working on my ELP (project) which essentially meant that I couldn’t go site-seeing nor go home to Delhi this time too. Looks like I will be able to visit people @ home only after this course gets over.

Mumbai was a bit overcrowded everywhere I went and the weather too was very hot. It was a kind of pleasant transition arriving at Hyderabad where the sky was overcast with clouds. Its been raining intermittently since yesterday.

Term 5 starts from Monday onwards. Just 2 more days left of this term break 😦

5 thoughts on “Back from Mumbai

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  2. jaisi aapki aagya …

    waise anons itne pyaar se comment likh rahen hain ki block karne kaa man nahi kar raha … par sharma ji keh rahe hain toh karna hi padega …

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