Term 5 begins tomorrow

Term 5 classes begin tomorrow. Life has returned to campus as many students are back from vacation.

I have taken the following electives this term:
1) Marketing Research – Prof. Sachin Gupta/Prof. Vikas Mittal
2) Marketing Implementation – Prof. Nirmal Gupta
3) Consumer Behavior – Prof. Seshan Ramaswami
4) Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Prof. Milind Sohoni
5) Managing IT – Prof. Mani Subramani

Have classes of 1) and 4) above, today. Please click on the faculty names above to access their short profiles. Details of the courses can also be found in the ISB website.

Prof. Nirmal Gupta’s rating as a faculty is very very high. He is supposed to be one of the best professors of the elective terms. This is probably the reason why bids for his courses always end up pretty high. Looking forward to attending his class day after tomorrow.

Came across an article on voice management for singers a few weeks back (its actually an interview with a voice therapist). Might be useful to both young budding classical singers as well as professionals. Click here to view the same.

One thought on “Term 5 begins tomorrow

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