Life in Term 5

“Kya se kya .. ho gaya ….”

It suddenly seems like Term 1 days are back. New study groups have formed with the added complexity that the constituents differ for different subjects as different people have chosen different electives. Between the 5 subjects and the project that I am doing, I have some 26 different people apart from me constituting the study groups I am a part of. Its becoming tough to remember who all are in which of my study groups for which subject.

The number of assignments have also increased. I am cursing the day I decided to bid for 5 subjects. Two finance courses and a logistics & supply chain course have eaten away whatever was left of people’s sleeping hours.

In the core terms, each section had a classroom allocated to it. So we had fixed seating layouts and our name cards used to be placed in the classrooms at our respective seats. With different subjects to be attended in different classrooms this term onwards, people have to carry their name cards along with them. Since we are not used to doing this, we invariably forget to take our name cards along from one class to the other. The other day, I went to the logistics class and there was a name card staring at me from my seat with “DON’T FORGET TO TAKE” written in bold letters at the back of it. Apparently, the person in question had forgotten to see what he had written at the back of the card and left it where it was in the class before ours.

Deutche Bank is coming in Nov for placements. Fin enthusiasts are all busy preparing and can no longer be seen hanging out.

News from the world of music (this one is slightly old): The Music Academy, Chennai will apparently host this year’s season concerts from December 17, 2005. The prestigious ‘Sangitha Kalandhi’ title will be awarded to senior violinist M. Chandrasekharan. This person lost his eye sight even before he was two, following an attack of jaundice. Despite this severe handicap, he learnt to sing and play the violin. One of the senior most violinists alive today, he has given many solo concerts and accompanied almost all the top-notch artistes of the carnatic world. Its really inspiring to hear him play. May god give him a long life ahead and may he and his violin continue to enthrall his fans forever.

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