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I had listed the subjects I have taken this term and the profs teaching them in an earlier post of mine. (Click here to access the same).

Prof. Vikas Mittal is “the coolest one“. He is very accomodative, easily approachable (not that the other ones aren’t) and probably the most friendly one. He brings back memories of Prof. Anjani Jain who took the Decision Models & Optimization course for us in the core terms. But usually the profs who have seemed to be really friendly and cool have been the ones who have tormented us the most in the exams. Hope Prof. Mittal breaks the tradition.

Prof. Seshan Ramaswami is “the fastest one“. He would easily beat anyone if there was a competition of speaking the maximum number of words in a given time. In his first lecture, he would have finished saying 5-6 sentences by the time we were able to comprehend the first sentence he spoke. We have somehow got adjusted to his speed now. The most interesting part of his class is where he shows us a series of ads and asks us some simple survey like questions based on those to illustrate some of the concepts. Some of the ads are really good ones.

Prof. Nirmal Gupta is “the best one“. Kya funde hain unke baap. Ekdam solid. I would rate him as the best professor we have had till now at ISB (the only prof who would match him or come a close second in my ratings is Prof. Krishna Kumar who took our Global Economics course in the core terms). My interest in marketing has reached new heights after I started attending his classes. Almost every marketing prof we have had here has been good in his own right. But in my humble opinion, no one can beat this guy. I sometimes just feel like falling at his feet and imploring him to take me as his student for life. It would be really great if the acad office people here can somehow convince him to take all the marketing courses we had in the core terms. This would build a very strong foundation for people who want to take up marketing as a career post-ISB. Another interesting part of his classes is that he takes up a lot of cases related to Indian companies and marketing in India which is a welcome change from the international ones we usually have.

Latest news is that I am trying to shatter my reputation of being the silent guy of the class by starting to do some CP (class participation). I have spoken twice in the consumer behavior class and once in the marketing implementation class this term. I think I had spoken in class only twice in all the four core terms put together earning me names like”the silent one” and “silent Ram”. The justification from my side is that I don’t feel like speaking unless I have something really useful & interesting or some really novel idea/thought to contribute and nothing like that usually comes to my mind these days. I especially hate to speak in classes that have marks for class participation. There was a mini “satta bazaar” here on the last day of the core terms with some people in my section placing bets on whether I would open my mouth in class or not. Needless to say, I kept my silence that day too. RC, who undoubtedly would be among the toppers of the batch, had changed my name to PDS (pin drop silence). Interestingly I am just the opposite of this outside the class …. keep talking, taking, talking for most of the time I am awake. AN, a batchmate, had the following in the note he gave me in the last LDP class we had a couple of terms back: “amazing duality – silent in class, brat outside”.

2 thoughts on “Profs this term

  1. Yes man, i wanted to tell this to you for a long time now. You do suffer from split personality..silent in class, freak outside..Go to Havovi asap!!!

  2. ISB is the next to be exposed. Its hugely under debt and the sponsors are sick of bailing it again and again. Their placement stats are a huge fraud as they use averages calculated on multiple offers for the same student. The ROI for students is hugely negative as most students get lousy jobs. Only morons will give up IIM admissions for ISB – in any case the morons deserve ISB! The IIMs are full of students who had ISB offers that they spurned to join IIM. The so called world class faculty at ISB are usually the lousy faculty from B grade US Schools who are looking for a paid holiday in India.

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