Blogs by ISBians

Added many more blogs by ISBians to the list of blogs in the sidebar on the right. Check them out, especially the one by “Wife of an ISBian”.

5 thoughts on “Blogs by ISBians

  1. Hey Ram,

    its nice knowing ur exp at isb thruu this site. get to know a lot!

    btw where do u find all the time in this world to write these? 🙂 bec i know its really gruelling at isb esp w the workload!

  2. Hi,

    Is this Jasmine from moto/freescale?

    Time is scarce here and workload is high but checking mails and net surfing is also an integral part of life. Latest addition to the list is blogging.

    Cheers !!

  3. No, im not fm Moto/freescale? what is that anyways? 🙂

    Well but its nice to read ur posting up there. Hey Ram i do read the latest updates on ahoo grps but i want ot know if you applied for isb in R1 or R2? do u think there is any specific disadvantage to it?

    Kindly let me know

  4. I had applied in R2. In my opinion, there is no specific disadvantage. The key thing is that your essays and rest of the application have to be ready. If an applicant feels that he/she has not been able to do justice to his essays by R1 deadline, R2 is the way to go. If essays are ready, he/she can go ahead and apply in R1.

  5. ISB is the next to be exposed. Its hugely under debt and the sponsors are sick of bailing it again and again. Their placement stats are a huge fraud as they use averages calculated on multiple offers for the same student. The ROI for students is hugely negative as most students get lousy jobs. Only morons will give up IIM admissions for ISB – in any case the morons deserve ISB! The IIMs are full of students who had ISB offers that they spurned to join IIM. The so called world class faculty at ISB are usually the lousy faculty from B grade US Schools who are looking for a paid holiday in India.

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