Horrors of bidding

Results of bidding for electives of next term came in yesterday. I got kundooed (in case you want to know what that means in detail, click here to read an old post of mine). Basically what that means is that I didn’t get any subject when the results were announced (have now got one … a subject on outsourcing) . I am also quite far behind in the waiting list for other subjects. Does that mean that I may get the chance to pack my stuff, go home and take rest for 1 term πŸ™‚ …. I hope not ….. I am planning to take counseling from the guy with whom such a thing happened in the fifth term, the guy after whom the term “kundooed” was coined. Hope to get some insights on how to stay calm and find a way out of such a situation πŸ™‚

Ever since the consumer behavior prof announced that the final exam will be an open book one, the ISB book store has been facing a very high demand for the consumer behavior textbook. Latest reports are that the stack of books in the store (which anyone would have thought might never sell) has been sold off and there have been requests to order many more copies of the book. They say that there is a lesson to be learnt from every story. The only thing that I can make out from all of this is that in case you write a book and want to get very good sales of it, you should make sure your book is so good that many profs recommend it to their students and also make sure that all such profs hold open book exams in their schools.

Due to all the assignments that have been thrust upon me and my different study groups for different subjects, I have not slept for more than 2-3 hours during any of the days of the past week and a half. Haven’t slept a wink since yesterday. I better get some good sleep today so that I don’t sleep during the exams that are just 2-3 days away. It is really strange how much one’s life can change in a matter of days …. I have always been sleeping a minimum of 6-7 hours everyday in all the terms till this one and all of a sudden now …..

5 thoughts on “Horrors of bidding

  1. hey dude jus take a chill pill relax this weekend (which is v essential n ofcopourse gd sleep) n im sure u’ll do fab in ur exams

    oh n as far as open bk exams are concerened they are really gruelling stuff 4 wat i know! n sure no bk aint gonna help u…..trust me i’ve been thru this but i dont know if this is ur first time 4 open bk in ur school?

    gd luck on ur exams

  2. been thru so many open book exams since coming here and yes the books do not help at all. They only help in totally faffy subjects where I basically start reading the book during the exams and try to fit whatever I can then and there.

    Agree with you … closed book exams are generally easier than open book ones.

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