Who is the best marketeer?

Please click here to read a post with this title. Came to know about it today when talking to my quaddie Alok*. He has posted it in his blog. Alok is one of the most intelligent and really down to earth guys I have ever met in my life. He has a special way of approaching issues and thinking through problems which I have not found with many people I have had a chance to interact with. He is one of those silent types whom you would easily dismiss as just another guy out there but whose brilliance would radiate when you involve him in conversations. Its really an honour to be his quaddie and get opportunities to learn so many things from him.

(* 4 people share an apartment in the shared- type of accomodations here. Students call such apartments “quads” and the members of one such quad are refered to as quaddies).

4 thoughts on “Who is the best marketeer?

  1. Agree 100% with you Ram. having worked with him in the group for first 4 terms, agree that he is a rare breed at B school. Not the usual boisterous, chest thumping types. Not only in his fav area – fin, but also in any subject, he has a grip on the funda quickly. Am sure he is one of those types who might not be the star at ISB but will outshine most of others in the long term. Lucky to having known him.

  2. Yes .. I feel really privileged to be living in his quad. Hope to learn as much fundae as possible from him in whatever little time is left.

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