Once again – exams, what else?

If there is anything that happens quite frequently here, its exams. End term exams of Term 5 start tomorrow. The first question which most students ask when they meet their batchmates during this time of the year is “how many exams have you got?”. With different people choosing different electives this term and with many electives having take-home or other type exams, some fortunate souls do not have to write even a single exam !! One such individual is blogging king Bharani. But he does have to work his way through his take-home exams which he has kind of got sick of. Given a choice today, I would prefer take home exams 🙂

I have got 5 exams this time – 4 of the usual kind and 1 take-home. With the level of preparation that I am at right now, the profs are surely in for a shock when they see my answer sheets. Hope they have ample marks in their kitty for cleanliness/neatness.

3 thoughts on “Once again – exams, what else?

  1. Hey then get back to work dude! n trust me take homes are no better than open bks! they suck too!

    i guess the reg ones are better….though im never up to them during my exam week!

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