2 down, 3 to go

First two exams of Term 5 over. I really liked the marketing research paper a lot (irrespective of how I performed in the exam). It was so much application oriented and involved more of interpreting results of marketing research, making conclusions etc – things that a MBA in marketing is more likely to do in the real world.

The consumer behavior paper in the afternoon was more of a pain in the anatomy that got translated into a pain in the head after the exam … and I mean that literally. Almost everyone in my exam hall was sitting in his place for the entire three hours searching for some theory or the other in the textbook or in the notes. I am having a real headache now after surviving through the mental torture searching for theories related to memory and what not. But then exams in some subjects are like that. Though I enjoyed the consumer behavior course a lot – the surveys, the project, the findings, the night-outs etc , there was just too much to remember, which along with the exam being an open book one added to the pain. In my opinion, we had already done a lot of work through the other assignments/project etc and there was no need for this exam. But then opinions are opinions and may be I am wrong.

Marketing implementation exam is scheduled for tomorrow. This will probably be one subject that will stay in my memory for a long time …. of course I will never be able to forget Prof. Nirmal Gupta and the way he taught this course. Whatever be my performance tomorrow, I am surely going to enjoy reading through the notes taken in his class and the slides he sent out on the topics he taught us.

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