Who decides what you specialize in?

You land up in a B-school. Do hi cheezen ho sakti hain (One of two things can happen) … You either decide what to specialize in before coming or keep your options open. If you have already come with a motive, then do hi cheezen ho sakti hain …. you either work hard, specialize and get a job in the area of your choice or you end up deciding that it is not your cup of tea and decide to specialize in something else. You keep your options open … then do hi cheezen ho sakti hain …. you decide what to specialize in by the time you start taking your electives or you choose subjects that interest you and decide to see which concentration area’s “minimum subjects to be taken criterion” you are able to meet.

Now if you thought that deciding everything was in your hands, wait ….. the system has a very important role to play too. The bidding system, if in place, finally decides what courses you get, so much so that in some cases, you may end up getting subjects that result in a change in your area of specialization itself !! So people who are not decided on what to do their MBA in need not worry. There are many options open.

Whatever I am trying to write isn’t kind of making sense to me at this time of the night .. or is it day… I think its better I go off to sleep … good nite …..

8 thoughts on “Who decides what you specialize in?

  1. hey there! howd ur exams go?

    so ur saying that if ur sure in wat to specialize – its poss u dont get the subj i.e. core courses of ur choice? i cant believe it!

  2. Its not that extreme .. you will always get to specialize in what you want. It may however happen that you miss out on one or two of the subjects that you want to do.

    Regarding exams: jo beet gaya so beet gaya … uske baare mein sochne se koyi faayda nahi.

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