A seamless transition

Term 6 begins tomorrow. Term 5 was probably the longest term till now. There were no days off even after the exams with many assignments to be submitted. Finished all of my term 5 assignments today. Some people have an assignment to be submitted even tomorrow i.e., even after the next term has begun !!

Have got only 2 courses after the initial round of bidding. Need to get at least one more so as to satisfy the minimum requirement of 3 courses. Plan to take 2 more somehow to take the tally up to 4. All this essentially means that since I do not know what courses I will eventually end up getting, I will have to sit through many lectures tomorrow.

Based on my experience, the courses available this year and the professors who taught them, the courses in marketing for Term 5 I would recommend people take if they come here are:
1) Marketing Implementation – a must take
2) Consumer Behavior – a good course with some good learnings especially through the assignments/project done.
3) Marketing Research

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