Concerts @ Hyderabad

FYI …. Kalasagaram, Hyderabad is organizing a music festival this week at the Keyes High School for Girls, Secunderabad. The following are the concerts scheduled for the rest of this week:

29/11/2005 – Vocal Concert By Sanjay Subrahmanyam
30/11/2005 – Flute Concert By Jayaprada Rama Murthy
01/12/2005 – Vocal Concert By Priya Sisters – Shanmukha Priya And Hari Priya
02/12/2005 – Vocal Concert By T V Sankaranarayanan

I think all concerts start at 6:30PM.

Haven’t been able to go to the concerts that happened till now due to classes. Will try my best to attend Sanjay’s concert today as I am a big fan of his. Will also try to attend the TVS one, if all goes as planned.

11 thoughts on “Concerts @ Hyderabad

  1. Really sorry for the late reply … saw your comment only today. One source of information about the concerts is the daily newspaper. I think “The Hindu” carries details of concerts if and when they happen. There is also a professor here who is interested in classical music. He is a member of some of the sabhas here and gets to know whenever they organize concerts. He is a very valuable source of information of any concerts happening in Hyderabad.

    If you want to know about the season concerts in Chennai, they are available on the web and I have posted links to sources in a few of my other posts.

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