ISB Founding Day

2nd Dec 2001: ISB was inaugurated.

Today is the ISB Founding Day. We have a flag hoisting ceremony scheduled to start in a few minutes time. We also have cake cutting and a torch run planned for the evening.

Its amazing to see how much the school has achieved in just 4 years now.


There is an article on about the Heathcare summit that was held at ISB recently. The article has inputs from doctors and a few pharma people of our batch. To access it, please click here.

3 thoughts on “ISB Founding Day

  1. There is a page on ISB alumni ( but I think it is only accessible to students, alumni and not to people outside ISB.

    I am not sure whether there exists a single page summarizing ISB’s achievements. But you can sure find achievements related to specific areas in pages linked to those areas on the website–>

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