Consulting Interviews – How to prepare?

Yash (undoubtedly one of the toppers here) and Rohit (President, Consulting Club, ISB) have started a blog to share their views and insights on how to prepare for consulting interviews. URL of the blog is

On the personal front, started late night, day before yesterday on a trip to Ahobilam, a temple town located in Curnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Came back today morning after many hours of arduous trekking through jungles in the hills of the Nallamalai range to visit temples of different forms of Lord Narasimha. Every single part of the body is aching due to this sudden surge in physical activity. Lots of assignments to be done today. Will blog on the trip and the wonderful experience in the next few posts.

3 thoughts on “Consulting Interviews – How to prepare?

  1. Hi, been following your blog for some time now.Have enjoyed it.Its been a motivating experience if anything.I am so impressed,inspite of the rigmarole of Life at ISB, you seem to find time and energy to do things that you seem to enjoy.Its fascinating to see that balance in keep it up and good luck!Cheers.

  2. Hey cool to read abt ur trip. how many temples did u manage to visit? im sure it wld have been a full fun experience.
    how’d ur last exam go?

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