More on the music season

Jaya TV organizes music concerts under the banner of “Margazhi Maha Utsavam” every year during the December Music Season in Chennai. These concerts are then broadcast on Jaya TV from Monday to Saturday, 6PM to 7PM and then a portion of each days broadcast is replayed again the next day morning from 6:30AM to 7AM. This year’s broadcasts started on 14th Dec 2005 and are expected to go till 4th Jan 2006. Watched Sikkil Sisters’ flute concert today. Vocal concert by P. Unnikrishnan is scheduled tomorrow. Will not be able to hear it as I have classes at that time. Will try to catch up with the repeat broadcast in the morning.

A program called “Sangeeta Sangamam” comes almost daily on Vijay TV from 6PM to 6:30PM. Also came to know that recordings of the Chembai Music Festival held at Guruvayur Temple, Kerala can be viewed every morning from 6:00AM to 6:30AM on the DD Malayalam channel.

Lakshman Sruthi is organizing a five day musical festival called “Thiruvaiyaaru in Chennai” from the 21st to 25th Dec 2005. To know more details, please click here.

Music Academy season schedule can be accessed by clicking here.

Songlists from some of the season concerts are available here.

Missing this year’s season concerts a lot. Hearing once favorite artistes perform live is an experience quite different from hearing a recording of their performance. Will try to be there in Chennai for next year’s season if all goes well.

8 thoughts on “More on the music season

  1. Hi Ram…I am a CA with 2 yrs work ex and share the same passion as urs…Carnatic Music & Sanjay…U seem to have a good understanding…Who’s ur guru?

    BTW,what was ur workex b4 u got into ISB?I am planning to get into ISB.

  2. Hi Vallabha,

    Happy to know that you also like Sanjay’s music. I am from Delhi and learnt mridangam there from Shri T.R.Dhandapany.

    I had 4 yrs work-ex before coming to ISB.


  3. I think you will have to decide for yourself whether you want to put in some more years before getting an MBA.

    As for your chances, it again depends on so many things like your essays, GMAT score, other parts of your application, your interview, what you have done till now in your work, what you want to do, what is the quality of the other applicants etc.

    In case you do not know, there is a yahoo group where a lot of queries of applicants are answered by current students and alums. You may want to become a member there.

  4. hey ram…

    nice to see that u’ve not changed a bit and the passion in music continues.. but i’m really sad that u got into ISB since this season i’ve missed my Katcheri partner …


  5. ram,

    well…to be frank u were my source of info…but anyway i’ll try.
    lots o programs happening at the Ayyappa Temple in RKP and Mayur Vihar and i’m sure ppl (like me) are missing ur mridangam recital


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