One more shortlist

BCG shortlist came in day before yesterday. The list is almost a photocopy of the McKinsey shortlist except for a few names. Wishing lotsa luck to all batchmates shorlisted. They have been working really hard for this. Hope all of them get jobs with the top consulting firms.

Key takeaway from the shortlists that have happened till now: “Grades are the key if you want to get your resume shortlisted for the top management consulting firms. Your preparation for the consulting interviews will/might hold the key after that”. In case you are planning to do your MBA soon and planning to apply to these firms, you know what to do.

One thought on “One more shortlist

  1. Read comments in your last message on the blog. Didnt know that you were famous in the music world before coming here too. Keep blogging. I get to know a lot of news of happenings on campus from your blog than from direct sources despite being on campus.–>

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