Companies that make products can be imagined to lie on a continuum that has two ends – one end where all products manufactured are the same (standardized) and the other where each product manufactured is customized to the specific needs of the customer for whom it is manufactured. I think any resume made on campus can also be visualized to lie somewhere on such a continuum. There are people who have been able to make many variations of their resumes by customizing their work experience to what each company they are applying to might be looking for. There are others who have almost the same resume for almost all the companies they are applying to, may be with just a few minor changes here and there. I know a person of the former kind. It is amazing to see how he rewords what he has done in different ways to make it look completely different each time. The only problem I presume could be that he goes to an interview and it takes him some time to realize which version of what he has done has to be talked about 🙂

Meanwhile, more PPTs have happened since my last post on the topic. The latest ones to be on campus for the PPTs are J.P. Morgan, HLL, Godrej, Accenture Consulting, Nokia, TVS Motors, Tata Motors, Castrol, Frigoglass, eBay, Sierra Atlantic, ITpreneur, Atos Origin, ECS Ltd & Rabo Finance. There are 7 more PPTs lined up for today.

2 thoughts on “Resumes

  1. dear Mr Ram Kumar,

    I do not knoiw if you remember me. My name is Keshav and I live in Delhi. I have been to many of the concerts where yoiu have played both for vocal and for tala vadya and I have been very impressed by your performances. I have always liked the way you ahve played for songs. It really supports the vocal guy well. If you remember I have asked you two times in your concert whether you are chandru’s brother and you said you are not. I came to ISB today to meet a friend and he told me thjat you will be in class now. I have to return back to delhi and I am in a hurry. so I am unmable to meet you. hope you return back to delhi soon and i start listening to you plaing there soon.


  2. Dear Mr.Keshav,

    Thanks for the appreciation. Though I do not remember your name or your face, I do remember you asking me whether I was Chandru’s brother. Let me know if you plan another visit to ISB.


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