Shoppers’ day out

Four of us decided to go shopping for stuff essential for the placement season last Saturday. It had been quite some time since we had gone out of campus. We took an auto from ISB to Hyderabad Central (a mall here). Since we barely know the way around the city, we were very busy and happy siteseeing when, after about an hour’s time, we suddenly saw something that resembled a overhead electric line seen usually over railway tracks. Upon enquiry, we discovered that the auto driver who was supposed to take us to Hyderabad Central had thought that we had to go to the Hyderabad station and taken us there. After exchanging a couple of rounds of pleasantries with him, we asked him to take us to our original destination. A tour of the city followed which finally ended when the mall came in sight.

E bought a business suit and the rest of us bought full sleeve shirts and neck ties. We could see ISBians in every nook and corner of the mall. After finishing all the shopping required, we decided to have dinner late night in a restaurant called Southern Spice. The time we entered the place was when they were deciding to close down for the day. Had some real good fun over dinner (details cannot be shared ๐Ÿ™‚ ) … kept laughing and laughing till we weren’t left with any energy to continue doing so.

On to some lighter stuff ….. the data mining class just got over. A small duration of time during the class was spent discussing about what one should do regarding placement of goods that people usually buy together in retail stores. M took bread and eggs as an example and started discussing it. One of the best CPs (class participation) of the term happened just then when H, a batchmate, responded with this comment: ” There is a subtle difference between a bread and an egg”, to which the professor responded: “yes, I agree with you completely” ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Shoppers’ day out

  1. thanks. well gd that ur having a blast…:)

    well wld like to know more abt the data mining class. what does the syllabus comprise of? how easy or diff is it? n where do u see it being helpful in ur career?

  2. The data mining course aims to help us develop a practical understanding of a few key methods of data classification, prediction, reduction and exploration. We use excel and a separate add-in to implement the techniques. It is not very dificult except that we had many assignments, which though aiding in learning, took away a lot of time.

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