More shortlists

British Telecom (BT) released their shortlist for interviews. This time, CAS (our placement cell) decided to mail each of the shortlisted guys individually instead of sending a mass mail to all junta giving the names of people shortlisted. They did the same thing for the shortlist that Macquarie Bank released a few days back.

Tomorrow would be the last day of classes for me in Term 7. Each of the study groups has to do a presentation on the company they have chosen in the branding class tomorrow. There are no usual end-term exams for me this time around as the subjects I have taken either had a mid-term or have projects and other kinds of submissions to be done. One more assignment remains to be submitted tomorrow, after which there would be about 6 days left to prepare for the placement week.

I have applied to about 4 companies till now and going by the huge number of application deadlines that have gone by, I am either too focussed or too foolhardy. The companies to which I want to apply are coming from day 2 onwards which means that in all probability, I will be sitting at home on day 1. Only time will tell what is in store for me from day 2 onwards.

6 thoughts on “More shortlists

  1. hey gdluck Ram.

    well in such cases even im like that…some times it pays off n other times i just kinda realize it a bit late….but well! im sure u’ll land ur self in a gd position 🙂

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