4 days to the D-Day

Four more days to go for the placement week to begin. An IT company announced a part of its shortlists yesterday. All of its postings are for locations in the US or Europe. Interviews are being held today and they are expected to make up their mind by tonight. Pretty fast considering that they would have received all applications only by noon yesterday and the first shortlist was out by yesterday night.

Akshay celebrated his first wedding anniversary yesterday and threw a dinner party at ISB for many of us. Sarovar would have had a significantly reduced attendance in the dining hall. Meanwhile, Sarovar has decided to do something different tonight. It is “celebrating the spirit of love and friendship” by having a candle light dinner for all the students. ISB is doing its part on Valentine’s day by deciding to show us our (evaluated) Branding mid-term paper.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day !!!!!!

Leaving you with an old Chloroform ad on the same ………

5 thoughts on “4 days to the D-Day

  1. Hi Ram,

    This is Sid. I have been exploring information on MBA courses and came across your blog.

    I have been thinking about an MBA for quite sometime, but not been able to decide. I am particularly concerned about the associated risks an MBA may bring to my career.

    I am a BA (H) Eco, DU and MBE, DU, with 3.5 years of work ex with a KPO, Deloitte Consulting (Senior Analyst, Strategy Research – Financial Services) and then Genpact (Asst Mgr, Investment Banking – soon to join). Salary is around 9 L.

    I am concerned that
    1. since I have been out of student life for long, I may not be able to perform well.
    2. My intent to do the MBA is to know more about Strategy planning and aim to move into Consulting. However, my work ex. is on research in a consulting/BPO/KPO setup, which may “brand” me into the latter two industries, post MBA.
    3. I am also keen to have an international placement (dollar dreams :-)).

    It will be great to have your counsel on this dilemma I am in.

  2. Hi Sid,

    Here is what I have found from my experience till now … I may not be completely right but these are my observations: If you want to get placed post-MBA in one of the top managment consulting firms (McK, BCG et al), then you may not get a position commensurate with your no. of years of work-ex. You will have to start lower down the ladder. Further, you will have to be among the toppers in your B-School to get shortlisted and interviewed sincerely by these guys. So in case you are targeting the big consulting firms, which I think you surely would be doing, then acads in your B-School might prove to be the key. Also, doing MBA from a good B-School might help to remove focus from your “BPO/KPO guy” tag and may help you get lateral roles.

    Please let me know if I understood your question incorrectly or if my response doesn’t seem to be in line with what you are expecting.

    Wishing you all the best !!


  3. Sid,

    Regarding your first concern of not being a part of student life for quite some time and taking up studies again, I feel you would be able to adjust even if it takes some time. My case was similar to yours in this regard. I had around 4 yrs of workex before joining this place and though it took me a bit of time to settle into the rigorous curriculum here, I was able to adjust soon. There are many guys in my batch with more than 10yrs workex and there is one gentleman with more than 20yrs workex. If they are able to adjust to the acads with other responsibilities towards their family etc, I am sure people like us too can.

    Cheers !!

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