Rang De Basanti

ISB had booked the entire 2pm show of Rang de Basanti at Prasadz today and what more, the movie, popcorn and coke were all on the house. The movie ran almost housefull possibly indicating that everyone here badly needed a break !!

I liked the movie a lot, though I did not like the way it ended. There were many people here who did not like the movie much. I won’t speak anything else about the movie just in case you haven’t watched it yet. If I get a chance, I may even like to watch the movie again.

Amir Khan is one of my favorite actors and off late I have made it a point not to miss any of his movies. It is easy to keep track as he usually does just one movie per year. Amir has acted well in this one too. I was also impressed with Atul Kulkarni and Kunal Kapoor.

There is a scene in the movie where Amir and his three other friends remove their shirts and start waving it Ganguly style. Don’t know if they got the idea from dada’s act but Amul has certainly got an idea for its ad from Amir’s act. Here is the latest Amul ad I saw on the net today ……

The guy in the front looks more like dada than Amir. Poor Kunal Kapoor … I think the depiction of his character in the above ad bears a closer resemblance to NDTV’s Prannoy Roy (or more so to our head of admissions and placements Mr. V.K. Menon)

Rajnish: In case you are reading this post, I would strongly recommend that you watch this movie. You will surely like it.

3 thoughts on “Rang De Basanti

  1. I thought it was an awesome movie myself.I think the reason a lot of people didn’t ‘like’ the movie was because they couldn’t associate it with the past and how the script writer has tried to potray,that people do what they can best in a given situation.Anyway, its high time the Indian audience comes out of its fairytale life.

  2. I have already watched RdB twice. Not to mention, I did like it immensely. Specifically its relevance to today’s youth. Some of my friends did raise concerns over how easily the task was accomplished by the five. To this, I responded that it was symbolic of the point the movie tries to make.


  3. M and AM,

    Agree with you completely. Thought the movie was truly inspirational and made in a way that could enable the director/script writer to connect with the youth.


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