A typical day (these days)

This is how my typical day looks like these days:

8:00AM – Get up. Call Alok to see if he is up (he usually is) and ask him if he will come for breakfast.
8:30AM – Have finally gotten up, brushed my teeth and am off to the student dining room with Alok.
9:15AM – Decide to return back to room after a lot of gup-shup over breakfast. Decide there is a lot to be done w.r.t the placement preparation.
9:30AM – Check mails and go to take bath
10AM – Browse net for arbit stuff and chat with a few friends
11AM – Suddenly realize that there are applications to be submitted before 12 noon. Take the EOI and resume that was used for the last company, change the name of the person to whom the EOI is to be addressed, his designation and the company name and a few other things here and there. Check if all traces of the previous company that was applied to have been removed from the EOI. Resume looks fine … nothing to modify or say in addition to what has already been written for the previous company.
12 noon – Trying franctically to upload the EOI and resume on the placement website before the link gets deactivated. Finally successful. Feeling really happy about the achievement šŸ™‚
12:30PM – Everyone in the quad is up and watching TV except Vikram who slogs in the night and wakes up in the afternoon
1PM – Someone in the quad shouts “yes”. The intensity isn’t too high which means that he has not been shortlisted and is happy that one more application has been freed (we have an upper limit on the number of applications that can be in process/shortlisted at a time). He can now apply to one more company šŸ™‚
1:15PM – Everyone starts discussing as to what company might declare its shortlist next
2:30PM – We suddenly see that its 2:30PM and its high time we had lunch. Discussion starts as to whether we should go and have lunch or have Maggi instead. Maggi wins sometimes.
4:00PM – Decide that we need to study something when suddenly there is a very loud “yes” from one of the rooms which means that someone has been shortlisted. The next 1 hour is spent in congratulating that guy and unsuccessfully trying to get him to treat us all. Finally decide to ask A who lives in the quad opposite to us to make tea or coffee for all of us.
5:00PM – KP is off to play tennis. Time to check mails again.
6:30PM – In no mood to study …. we all again gather in the common room and start talking about life in general and about whatever comes to our mind.
8:30PM – Time for dinner …. we go to the dining hall expecting something good will be there but as usual get the same menu.
9:45PM – Call up Bharani and ask him if he is ready to go for the focus group meeting. Reach the venue in 15 minutes. Others start trickling in.
10PM – Discussion starts on the shortlists that have come in on that day and what might be in store tomorrow
10:30PM – Decide that its high time we did something in the focus group meeting. Start discussing some arbit topic. Go on for about an hour when we decide that we need to break for the day and apply to companies that have deadlines at noon the next day. Meeting over.
11:45PM – Back in the quad … trying to see what applications are due the next day. Chat for a while, watch TV, talk more about the shortlists that happened that day, check mails, write something on the blog, decide to postpone the application activity to next day morning and hit the bed.

zzzzzzzzzZZ …… zzzzzzzzzZZ ……

5 thoughts on “A typical day (these days)

  1. i seem to connect…coz once upon a time not so long ago myt life was such wen we were job hunting.

    trust me, this post took me back to ol memories šŸ™‚ n sooner than u realize u’llmiss this life….:(

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