Its all started

Placement week has started. All the consulting biggies were here yesterday to have their initial rounds of interviews. A few more firms also had their first few rounds yesterday. All these firms will be conducting the remaining rounds of interviews today and are expected to declare the results by tonight. Wishing all ISBians the very best !!!!

Here are some snaps taken yesterday. These are the guys apart from me who are present throughout the day in my quad:

This is Alok, undoubtedly the brainiest of us all. This snap was taken just before he was leaving for his interviews yesterday. He has cleared yesterday’s rounds and will be interviewing with two firms today.

This is KP …. even these days you will find his table more cluttered than those of the placement co-ordinators. Without him, the quad wouldn’t be as lively as it is. He is our primary source of entertainment 🙂

We were discussing yesterday that if the interviewer asks him whether he can handle stress or not, he will say: “Stress .. you call your job stressful …. come and live in my quad for a day and see the stress that I go through … you will just stop calling your job stressful” 🙂

This is Aditya with his corporate finance course notes. He lives in the quad opposite ours (officially)

This is Vikram. After waking up at 1PM, he has started giving fundas at 1:05PM.

3 thoughts on “Its all started

  1. lol….the “Stress” one was really a nice one …;)
    well u one smart person….y aint u in the pics….all r there except u huh…!

    well neways gdluck on ur int.

  2. good luck for ur interviews..i have my eyes glued to ur blog..just waiting it might get updated ne time now with the news of ur new job….so does this comment add to the pressure?? 😉

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