Update on placements

More than 150 offers have been made till now in the first 3 days of the placement week. Today is the third day and some companies that are on campus today are yet to announce their offers. They will be doing so late in the night.

A very close friend of mine here got an offer yesterday and has accepted it. I feel really happy for him. Aditya got two offers today and is almost certain on which one he wants to accept. He gave us a pizza party today. AG, my friend from Delhi, has also got two offers and is almost decided on where he wants to join. Like them, many people have got two offers and are now out of the placement process. Some have decided where they want to go while many others have some time left to make their decision. S, K & A, who were a part of my focus group for interviews have also got offers.

More later …..

3 thoughts on “Update on placements

  1. Hi Ram

    Heard you got an offer early itself. Congratulations. Your help on the isb yahoo group even during these busy days is highly appreciated. Thank you.


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