Term 8 begins

Term 8 started today. I have to take 3 subjects this term. Have got 3 and am waitlisted in 1. So would have to choose 3 out of those 4 after sampling the classes today and tomorrow.

I had just one class to attend today – “Leadership Lessons from World Literature” by Prof. Rajeshwar Upadhyaya. As written by the professor in the introductory part of the course material, “To use some of the best-written books to cull out the meaning of leadership and our roles as professionals, is an overarching objective of this course”. I had chosen this course because I had been influenced quite a bit by Prof. Upadhyaya when he took the Leadership Development Program for us earlier in the core terms. He is a really good speaker. There were moments in today’s class when there was a pause for a few seconds between two lines that he spoke and I could actually hear the wall-clock ticking (I think it was the wall clock 🙂 ) as there was pin-drop silence then. People were listening intently to whatever he was saying. He is one professor to watch out for when you come to ISB. There is a very high chance that you will like him.

I have three classes to sample tomorrow which means that its going to be a really long day.

Just a little more than a month to go before my ISB stint comes to an end 😦

5 thoughts on “Term 8 begins

  1. Agree that he’s a great speaker… but the takeaways from the first class were below par… “for example one of the statements that kept getting repeated were “You take the thesis and the anti-thesis and you get the synthesis” -someone smartly added to it … you shed some light on it and its photo-synthesis. :-).
    ofcourse the one major takeaway was that the underpinnings of the Ramayana was based on “Lust”. so where’s the leadership lesson there?

  2. Hi Ram. Ur posts have always been insightful overall-reg the student life at ISB i/e the classes, the activites etc i like reading them…but i hope u cotinue writing even post ISB. gdluck!

    any luck on the job front yet?

  3. Yes, almost. I have an offer and today is the deadline for deciding whether I want to take it up or not. I will be taking it up in all probability.

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