Courses this term

After sampling the courses, I have finally decided to choose the following three:
1) Managing Markets – Prof. Nirmal Gupta
2) Advanced Corporate Finance – Prof. Francesca Cornelli
3) Negotiation Analysis – Prof. Cathy Tinsley (Sessions 1 to 5)/Prof. Stephen Nason (Sessions 6 to 10)

Decided to drop the “Leadership Lessons from World Literature” course after much thought. Though the prof is good and I like to listen to him speak, there are just 3 courses I need to do this term to complete the required credits and the above three courses came out a shade more important to me.

Attended all the three lectures yesterday. Found all three profs to be really good. If you are in the next batch or plan to join ISB at any point of time in the future and plan to take courses in marketing, then you should surely take any courses that Prof. Nirmal Gupta teaches. He will, in all probability, be the best professor of marketing you will ever get to see.

Results of this year’s round 2 of ISB admissions are out. We have just a month more to go before we leave this place and make way for the next batch which will join here on the 15th of April.

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