Work has started on our batch’s yearbook. There was no concept of an yearbook at my engineering college. It will be really wonderful to open the yearbook many years from now and recount all the wonderful things that we did here. It would also be interesting to read all the ‘masala’ laden khabar from the yearbook once it comes out. I am eagerly looking forward to its release. Hope I get to write about KP there 😉

The placement cell has asked us to summarize our interview experience. This should form a good repository for the batches to come. Having been a part of the application evaluation and the interview process for admissions to the next batch, I am also thinking of putting together some dos and donts for prospective applicants.

I am going out of Hyderabad today on a trip and should be back by Monday. May not be able to blog till then. More details on the trip on my return.

One thought on “Yearbook

  1. Hm…good to know that there are others like me “lastminuters” 🙂
    well i’m awaiting the do’s n donts lists….wld be good to know. n also if u cld post “what exactly it is that u guys usually look at during admissions”. ah…now i know everyone says its a wholistic process. true. but im sure there will be something like other than the GMAT that u guys ACTUALLY STRESS AT ….u hope its an all inclusive package 🙂

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