30 days to graduation

Only 30 days remain before I graduate from ISB. Here is what most of my batchmates are busy doing these days – the 8th term coursework, finding out which of their near and dear ones will be coming to graduation and making travel arrangements for them and for their return back home, contacting movers/packers for transporting stuff back home, catching up with some well deserved sleep after slogging for 7 terms and going to the gym to wipe out any signs of prosperity that have appeared.

Holi is on March 15th. Since classes have been scheduled on that day, the Students Family Association (SFA) and A, the guy who organizes all our parties are zeroing in on 12th March (Sunday) as the day for celebrating Holi on a large scale. But what is a Holi that is celebrated on any day other than the “Holi” day. I am planning to go out of Hyderabad this weekend and will miss the celebrations if they happen this Sunday. Hope we have everything happening on 15th itself.

Ending this post with interesting snaps sent by one of my batchmates Giks today. Have a look at the proud new owners of cars parked in one of our student villages:

8 thoughts on “30 days to graduation

  1. Oh this looks totally awesome.I love what you are doing with your template.Hmm, need to get some classes on html codes methinks.
    HAHAHA, reminds me of the bio-diversity photos..KP doesn’t feature here???

  2. Is there no way you can get one panoramic photo rather than the cut that there is..Its fantastic.I just hope you can rectify the cut.

  3. M,

    Looks like KP has become real famous in thw world outside too. BTW, I still have one cool snap of KP left to be posted and I will post it before leaving this place.


  4. Anonymous,

    I am able to get one photo on the entire page as background, but the photo then tiles one copy below the other as stretching it for the entire length of all the posts doesn’t look feasible/nice. So I thought of using it just for the header. Will try out other combinations the next time I get some free time.


  5. With a photograph like that what were you expecting.The post was so perfect too.It is hilarious and to think that some one like KP exists who didnt ask you to take it down.It is actually awesome.I don’t mean to make fun of him.I am just amazed at what a sport this person is.That is what I truly appreciate.

  6. Yes .. KP is a cool guy …. he is the darling of our apartment … and we are sure that after this stressful year with us, he is very well prepared to deal with the real world pressures šŸ™‚

  7. ok….so finally i get to post a comment jus like it was b4! šŸ™‚
    like the new look though….so arn’t u slogging it this term too or jus chillaxin bec its ur last one here ?:)

  8. Well .. to speak the truth, I have been chilling out almost throughout the year … so I am still chilling out. Assignments are still painful but then some of us are masters at the art of completing assignments at the last moment.

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