The Year @ ISB – Part 5

dUnKiNg GlOrY

There was a dunking competition between the sections organized close to midnight. A poll had been done earlier in the batch to crown the dunking dude and dudette of our batch and they were dunked too. Here are snaps from the event ….. all these snaps come courtesy “Vickie – The Clickie”, our batch’s most enthusiastic photographer. He and his camera are inseparable.

Dunking Dude & Dudette of the batch

“Arey .. yeh kahan fenk diya logon ne mujhe”

Spin of the year

“Paani bahut thanda hai bhai”

Section C team in the team dunking event

“Aaja beta …. tu bhi aaja”

3 thoughts on “The Year @ ISB – Part 5

  1. lol…when i read the Q i had the same ans for CP….:) nice one…so was that student u?

    oh n ihave always been fascinated by the Behavioral fin class….must be interesting na…to study human psych n all or does it get boring after a while …more like mkting?

  2. The student wasn’t me 🙂
    I haven’t taken behavioral finance but we had a brief introduction to it given by our investment analysis prof during the core terms and it sounded pretty interesting.

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