Professor of the Year – Elective Terms

Prof Nirmal Gupta (Marketing) has been voted by our batch as the “Professor of the Year – Elective Terms”. Earlier, our batch had voted Prof. Krishna Kumar (Macroeconomics) as the “Professor of the Year – Core Terms”.

As I have written before, Prof. Nirmal Gupta is the professor I have liked the most here. The way he teaches marketing is just phenomenal. He has taught us two courses in the elective terms – Marketing Implementation in Term 5 and Managing Markets in Term 8. I must say that all people in the next batch who are planning to major in marketing should take these two courses. I think the next batch is really lucky to have him do a session during their orientation on learning through case studies. He had done this for our batch very late in the year and we had requested him to do this before Term 1 starts for the next batch. If you are joining ISB Class of 2007 and you are reading this post, then mark this – attend his case study lecture, pay full attention and take adequate notes. All things may not make sense right on the day you hear them, but as you go through the year and solve cases, you will be able to appreciate the stuff more and more.

One of the key benefits to me of coming to ISB has been getting the opportunity to learn from some really good professors like Prof Gupta. For example, the professors for the subjects I have taken in Term 8 – Profs Cathy Tinsley & Stephen Nason (Negotiations Analysis), Prof Francesca Cornelli (Advanced Corporate Finance) and of course Prof Nirmal Gupta (Managing Markets), have all been real good. These professors have also been making some very serious effort to take feedback on the courses from the students and incorporate it in their future lectures or for the next time they will be teaching the course. For instance, Prof Stephen Nason was standing outside the examination hall yesterday and talked to some of us after the negotiation analysis exam about the cases we discussed in class to find out what cases were really helpful and to get feedback about how he can make the course even better. It is really good to see even profs with a lot of teaching experience behind them do this (apart from the feedback that ISB collects from us for the courses).

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